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  • Hair Clip - Butterfly Dreams - Black (Small)
  • Pin - Solitaire (Gold)
  • Chain - Crystal Eternity (Silver)
  • Hair Band, Tie - Preppy
  • Hair Clip - Hedy (Silver)
  • Comb - Crystal Mantilla Comb
About us

RUBY & FROST is a luxury hair accessories brand headquartered in London. Its high-quality, hand-made and limited edition hair accessories are aimed at professional women and are perfect for all times and occasions. RUBY & FROST's web site showcases our stunning luxury hair bands, barrettes, crystal hair claws, hair elastics, crystal clips and bridal hair combs for any hair texture and style. We have also included inspirational guidance on how to wear our hair accessories with photos and videos so you can quickly and easily look your best. RUBY & FROST also specialises in stunning bridal hair chains, bridal hair clips and bridal crystal tiaras.

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RUBY & FROST is a company founded and managed by Roz Flanagan and Sara de la Torre. For both individuals RUBY & FROST represents the consolidation of many years experience in fashion and business. Roz has over 12 years' experience in fashion design, marketing and graphic design. Sara also brings a decade of experience as a City entrepreneur and businesswoman. Together they represent an ideal skill-set to turn RUBY & FROST into a long-lasting and successful brand.



A woman’s crowning glory is her hair. A woman’s distinctiveness can be further enhanced by the hair accessory she is wearing. It is therefore important to give special attention to finding those that will match your taste and style. Luxury hair accessories tell so much about you. It enhances your beauty and suggests something extraordinary about you. We, at RUBY & FROST offer exclusive and limited edition luxury hair pieces. Its uniqueness will suggest that you are the type of person who values individuality.

On special occasions, like weddings, the right bridal hair accessories simply adds an exquisite touch of splendor. The bridesmaid hair accessories emphasise the color and mood of the festive occasion. Looking at the eyes and expressions of the spectators around reassures the wearer of her charm, boosts her confidence and enables her to enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Hair properly fashioned by an elegant hair accessory means so much for any lady. You will select the accessory you want and in return the accessory will define you. Needless to say, the accessory that you wear can portray your character and elegance. We at RUBY & FROST acknowledge that and we strive to deliver excellent luxury hair accessories in the UK. Check out our website and be mesmerized by our products.

RUBY & FROST believes that hair accessories are a must-have and wants to enhance every woman’s personality through beautiful head pieces, no matter their age or style.

RUBY & FROST believes that hair accessories should be creative, of long lasting good quality and able to reflect a woman’s individuality.

"All the greatest women wear hair accessories.’’



All RUBY & FROST accessories are made from high-quality luxury materials such as French lace, silk, genuine leather and Swarovski crystals. All our accessories are hand-finished in the RUBY & FROST studio to ensure each piece is perfect.

All our leather and feathers are ethically sourced.




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